A German electronic duo on Rising High Records in the early 90s. But I never really knew any more than that. Digging about has generated little extra information (that they share their name with a major gases company doesn’t help!).

The basic facts: Air Liquide is a German electronic band which is composed of Ingmar Koch (AKA “Walker”) and Cem Oral (AKA “Jammin’ Unit”) which was formed in 1991 in Cologne, Germany.

From a 1998 interview with Walker:

PSF: What were your sources of inspiration/heros before you started to make your own music?

heaven17, abc, eurhthymics, j.m.jarre, really old klaus schulze + tang.dream recs, public enemy, chic.

PSF: What was the music scene like in Germany when you started?

oh, actually i started 18 years ago, when i was 14 years old. i got a roland jx3p synth from my parentz. i made them totally freak out – i was making phucked up noizez 4 2 years, almost non-stop! then, after 2 years, the japanese synth-company “korg” hired me 2 program syntyhsounds 4 their latest synths, the dw8000, dvp-1 and the poly800 II. w/ 16 years i made me first record, a blue 7″ w/ terrible italo-disco. everyone, including me, hated the record. then, later, i started 2 work 4 a recordcompany. that was fun – i had 2 produce cheesee hiphouse records. we had a couple of hits in europe, but the company went bankrott – we never got any money from our recordsalez. so 1990 we dropped in the pure electronic experimental market.

did lotz of acid/techno/electro records 4 different labelz like force inc., rising high, power traxx, it rec., we also founded our own labelz like blue, structure, monotone, dj.ungle fever, propulsion 285…

PSF: How did you meet up with Jammin’ Unit, the other half of Air Liquide?
we worked long time ago together in a studio in frankfurt. after the work was done and the studio-crew left the studio, we 2 were freaking on the studio-equipment 2 make totally strange electronic dubeee music. this started in 1990.
PSF: How do you organize your duo to make the music with one based in Koln, the other, in Berlin? Does everybody have his trick, his role, his part.
air liquide is a perfect team. when we r performing together, when we r jamming in the studio, we dont have 2 talk “oh, now letz drop off the beat, blabla…” we KNOW what the other is doing next. we r talking a lot on the phone, sending lotz of emailz. we discuss exactly how the next record should sound like – we meet every 3 – 4 months and then w e record 3-8 trax in 3, 4 dayz. in the studio we dont waste 2 much time.
PSF: You’ve said that you go by working with chance and surprises. Is there a danger to that?
no, because the cance + surprises r only 20 – 40% of our work. we almost never loose the basic idea behind our music.
PSF: How do you conceive and plan out your music? How has the technology of new samples/drum machines effected your work?
shure, new instruments chance the way how we work onstage/in the studio. new soundz do affect our music. but again: the basic idea will never be changed by a new toy. rite now we r working on our own machine, which will be ready in around one year. it will be a perfect groove-tool/weapon.
From 1994’s “If There Was No Gravity” 12″:
Air Liquide – If There Was No Gravity
Air Liquide – Thx Is On
Air Liquide on MySpace

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  1. […] I bought this particular release for the New London School of Electronics mix which gives you the slow dreamy ambient you’d expect but without the satisfaction you’d hope. The Air Liquide mix is by far the better track, with a lovely piece of ambient acid trance. NLSE was Rising High label boss Caspar Pound with Laurence Elliot-Potter. Air Liquide is a brittle electronics band comprising Ingmar Koch (AKA “Walker”) and Cem Oral (AKA “Jammin’ Unit”), formed in 1991 in Cologne, Germany and still going today. More from a previous post here. […]

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