A pseudonym for electronic artist Kirk Degiorgio.
Kirk Degiorgio was born in Stepney, East London in the late 60’s. By 1990 Kirk was a firm Detroit techno fan and would eagerly await new releases from a trio of Detroit producers: Derrick May, Juan Atkins (who he knew from electro days as Cybotron) and Kevin Saunderson. It was at an Inner City gig in Kentish Town, 1990 that Kirk first met Derrick May who was support DJ. When Kirk mentioned he was due to fly to Chicago on a record buying trip for Reckless, Derrick gave him his address and told him to make the drive to Detroit. Just before leaving for the US, Ed Handley and Andy Turner visited Kirk and invited him to ‘share some ideas’ at the new London studio they shared with Ken Downie under the collective The Black Dog. They made some demos together which Kirk took to the US.
After stocking up on rare soul, jazz, funk and house in Chicago – Kirk and a few friends drove to Detroit. Derrick was still in the UK but they were welcomed by Shake, Juan Atkins, Martin Bonds and a British guy Matt Cogger who was running Transmat in Derrick’s absence. Inspired by the affordable studio setups he saw at Transmat, Metroplex and KMS Kirk sold his entire record collection upon his return and invested in an Atari, Akai S950 sampler, a broken TB303 and an Roland R8 drum machine. Matt Cogger also retOne of Kirk’s early demos was played by Colin Favor on his Kiss FM show and was soon licensed by Michael Golding and Steve Rutter – two techno collectors and producers who had recently started B12 Records. The EP featured 4 tracks from Kirk under the names Future/Past and As One and a track from Matt Cogger.
Encouraged, Kirk sent his next batch of demos along with some solo tracks by Ed & Andy of The Black Dog to UR in Detroit – who in turn passed them on to Carl Craig. Carl called Kirk and secured 3 tracks for the second release on his newly formed Planet E label. Confident enough now to start his own label Kirk, Ed & Andy revisited the material and added two new originals to form the first release on Kirk’s ART label ‘Applied Rhythmic Technology’. These tracks were quickly licensed by R&S – the largest techno label in Europe at the time.
Due to an increased DJing workload Kirk left Reckless in 1994 and also signed to Beechwood Music subsidiary ‘New Electronica’ for two albums. This resulted in the As One LP’s ‘Reflections’ in 1994 and ‘Celestial Soul’ in 1995. It is from this period that the Shambala track (from ‘Reflections’) dates:
Kirk Degiorgio – Shambala (Balil Mix)
Kirk’s website
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