Formed in the UK in 1991 by founders Patrick Morsman and Stefan Pierlejewski.

Picked up, by pure fluke, by Beyond Records in 1992 when owner Mike Barnett was trying to prove to his A&R that you don’t find good bands by “simply sifting through a pile of demo tapes”. Attempting to prove his point he picked one tape at random from a pile but was subsequently on the phone to APL within half an hour!

APL appeared with two tracks, “The Calling” and “Universal Message”, on the second “Ambient Dub” compilation in 1993. After playing a gig at the now famed Oscillate night, Stefan started guest DJ’ing and began a good friendship with label mates HIA. Gigs followed at various nights including several at the well known Megadog and Milkveg in Amsterdam. Further releases came on “Ambient Dub 3” with “Hypnosystem” and a 12” release of “The Calling” along with an HIA remix and a downtempo mix by themselves. Beyond Records began a partnership with U.S. label Waveform and APL tracks were signed to them, appearing on the “One A.D.” and subsequent compilations. It was also in 1993 that they signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Publishing when the band Enigma sampled “The Calling” for their track “Out From The Deep” on their multi platinum selling “Cross Of Changes” Album.


The track “Pleidean Communication” appeared on Trance Europe Express 2 in 1994 whilst APL were busy finishing their debut album “Synaesthetic” which was only finished after Patrick’s departure later that year. ”Synaesthetic” designed as a pre/post-clubbing/tripping album was then released by Waveform in the U.S. to much praise, APL even getting a glowing fax from one of Steven Spielbergs’ workshops!
In 1996 Stefan was joined by best friend DJ Liam Farrell. Together they began to craft APL’s second album. A much more uptempo album began taking shape. Titled “The System” , it conceptualised a full night out, from the journey to the club in “Coming Up” to the final staring at the ceiling before sleep “Eyelid Movies”. However, this much awaited album never saw the light of day. Beyond Records folded leaving APL to release the album elsewhere. To APL’s delight Deconstruction Records agreed provisionally, to release it once the final mixes had been done. This sadly was never meant to be, as 2 hours later, their EMU sampler came back from being repaired… with all the data blank!
Stefan continued to work on more uptempo releases under various pseudonyms. On Global Underground’s “Sasha in San Fransisco” compilation as Sneaky Alien “Bluestream”, as The Soundsystem on Christopher Lawrence’s “Trilogy, Part One: Empire” with his club hit “Colossus” and more recently as Metatron remixing Robbie Williams “Sin Sin Sin” and Deep Sound remixing Fat Freddy’s Drop “Cays Crays”.
He is currently working on another album.
Some early APL tracks:
A Positive Life – Pleidean Communication
A Positive Life – Warehouse 5am

~ by acidted on February 25, 2008.

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