Nice one, top one, get sorted. Dust masks, air horns and chipmunk vocals. Kid with Vicks Vapo- Rub, glow sticks and 160bpm. Must be Altern 8 in the area.

Altern 8 was a verging-on-the-cartoonish rave outfit that pushed their singles into the British charts with promotional theatrics borrowed from the KLF and attention-getting chemical-warfare uniforms from head to toe. Originally formed by Mark Archer and Chris Peat as a side-gig from their Nexus 21 project, Altern8 debuted with two EPs, 1990’s Overload and the following year’s Evapor 8. The singles “Activ 8 (Come with Me)” and “Evapor 8” both nicked the rave-hungry Top Ten during late 1991 and early 1992, thanks in part to a variety of group-sponsored, press-publicized half-truths — the duo’s reliance on drug-enhancing chemicals like Vicks Vapo-Rub, their nasty habit of spiking audience-distributed pastries with Ecstasy, even their candidacy in the General Elections.

In the 1992 UK general election, Chris stood as an MP in Stafford for the “Hardcore- U Know the score party”. Even funnier was that he did not come last! He got 152 votes, and as part of their campaign they enlisted the help of a witch doctor to rid Stafford of any links with ‘rock music’.

Altern8 – E-Vapor-8

Altern8 – Armageddon

Mark Archer on MySpace

Buy Altern 8 product

~ by acidted on February 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “A IS FOR ALTERN-8 (PT1)”

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  3. […] into 10 minutes the whole of what was great about Altern-8 (mark archer and chris peat – more here), from their hyper-rave beats to the bleeping to the strings and the fun samples. Watch yer bass […]

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