If anyone has heard of Adam F, the main thing that they know is that he is Alvin Stardust’s son (70s UK glam rock/pop star. Keen on big rings). I must admit, I knew little else, except that he recorded for Goldie’s Metalheadz label in the mid-90s and was quite respected as a D’n’B artist/DJ.

His website biography only alludes to the Alvin Stardust connection and is a wonderful piece of A&R-speak:

“Adam Fenton was born in Liverpool and raised in the center of the burgeoning local Merseyside music scene of the 70s. His career in Entertainment was his very birthright and his success inevitable. Adam has proven a creative force to be reckoned with; his talents cannot be labeled, nor his ambitions contained. The British multi-hyphenate with movie star good looks has built a stellar, transcontinental reputation as an award-winning, genre-crossing artist, music producer, film composer, international star dj, record label owner and industry spokesperson. The incarnations of Adam F. are many.”

Apparently, there is a new Adam F album “Nu Colours” out in December 2008.

But, from 1995 and 1996:

Adam F – Circles (Original Mix)

Adam F – F-Jam

Adam’s website
Adam’s MySpace

~ by acidted on February 28, 2008.

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