Few electronic artists divide listeners as much as Autechre. Like that other Marmite artist of IDM – Aphex Twin – their work is loved and loathed in equal measures.

By and large, people seem to find their earliest work (Incunabula, Amber and Tri-Repetae) warm and approachable, and their later work (Confield, Version 7.30 and onwards) to be cold, icy and aloof. They have a new album out on 3 March – Quaristice – which some have seen as a return to their earlier warmer sounds.

Autechre are Sean Booth and Rob Brown. They met through a mutual friend, trading junked-up pause-button mixtapes of their favourite singles back and forth. Happening onto some bargain-basement analog gear through questionable circumstances, the pair began experimenting with their own music before they were out of high school.

After some disastrous experiences with a few small labels, the pair sent a tape off to Warp Records, whose early releases were announcing a new age in U.K.-based techno (and one in which Autechre would become a key component). Releasing a handful of early singles through the label, Autechre’s first stabs were collected on their debut full-length, Incunabula (1993), as well as the ten-inch box-set remix EP Basscadet. Subsequent albums would reach a wider audience. But by the late 1990s, IDM had run its course as a favoured genre and, with IDM’s decline, Autechre slipped into the background. They have continued to produce albums every 18 months or so but with seemingly diminishing returns. In addition to Autechre, Booth and Brown have released material as Gescom on their own Skam imprint and through the Clear label, most notably The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used EP on the latter. The group have also provided a number of memorable remixes (often times more memorable than their original material) for artists including Palmskin Productions, Slowly, Mike Ink, DJ Food, Scorn, Skinny Puppy, Tortoise, Phoenecia, and Various Artists.

A few early tracks:
Autechre – 444 (from Incunabula)
Autechre – Silverside (from Amber)
Autechre – Lanx 3 (from Volume 8)
Autechre website
Autechre MySpace

~ by acidted on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “A IS FOR AUTECHRE (PT1)”

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