Techno isn’t for girls. At least you’d think so at some clubs. There are almost no women making electronic music. But one is Andrea Parker.
Andrea Parker was born and grew up in southern England, moving to London in the early 90’s and taking up post at the legendry Fat Cat record shop. She’d been working on music as a vocalist and producer since an early age, her first step being the mastering of the cello in her teens.
Soon after she contributed to several experimental electronica releases including Inky Blacknuss (with Alex Knight) on Andy Weatherall and Nina’s Sabrettes label, Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox (with David Morley) on R&S Records/Apollo and Angular Art on Infonet.
Andrea then signed an album deal with Mo Wax records. Her first single for the label was “Melodius Thunk” – which was an electro track popular with both UK and US DJs. ” The Rocking Chair”, the second single, was a ballad featuring string arrangements by Wil Malone, probably most well known for his work on Massive Attack’s classic “Unfinished Sympathy”.
If anyone knows where to download the Inky Blacknuss or Two Sandwiches singles, do let me know.
A few tracks from her early days:
Andrea Parker – Too Strange To Be Good
Andrea Parker – Angular Art
Andrea Parker – After Dark
Andrea Parker – Melodius Thunk
Andrea Parker website
Buy Andrea’s work from Beatport

~ by acidted on March 6, 2008.

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