Kiss My Arp was Andrea’s first album proper. It was released on Mo’ Wax in 1999 but had been recorded some while before. The Arp in the title refers to one of David Morley’s vintage ARP keyboards.

Kiss My Arp was meticulously stitched together at longtime studio compatriot David Morley’s studio, a world away from Andrea’s London home, deep in the Bavarian countryside. “That was definitely good for me being there,” she says, “I like to concentrate on one thing at a time and there’s absolutely nothing to do in Bavaria apart from work all day!” In fact, it’s one of Marley’s keyboards – that ancient analogue contraption the Arp – that gave the album its title. “I remember the first time I walked into his studio,” she recalls, “I stood there and went ‘oh my God’. He had all the original Fairlight and Arps and Moogs that I had always wanted to use but never been able to get my hands on. I couldn’t think about working without him now. I guess it’s just because he loves the same mad sounds as I do.” Like the found sound samples that form the backbone of “Sneeze”, the first track Andrea recorded for the album. “That’s actually me sneezing,” she says, “chopped up into a four-bar loop. It’s like the approach the Art Of Noise used to take; just finding as many mad sounds as you can possibly find and stick them together. I remember going out for the day and leaving my DAT machine recording for 24 hours. Just stuffing tape after tape into it and recording things like the sound of my car tires driving over cats eyes in the road. The biggest challenge was the vocals,” says Andrea, “Music is never a problem for me, I’ve been writing instrumentals for quite some time. I’d left them until last and it took me a while to find my feet, but then you do a couple you’re really into – like “Breaking the Code” which I did in one go – and things start to happen.”

The album was released in a vocal and instrumental version. The following are taken from the instrumental version:

Andrea Parker – Breaking The Code (Instr)

Andrea Parker – Some Other Level (Instr)

Andrea Parker – Return Of The Rocking Chair (Instr)

Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches


~ by acidted on March 7, 2008.

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