“I used to spin records backwards and search for satanic messages. The teacher found me and he burned all my records in front of the school building.” says Jorn. Alter Ego are Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling-Wuttke from Damstadt (Germany). They even went to the same religious boarding school (fve years apart). They came together as a production team in the late `80s after both collecting valuable music experience from previously being in various bands. Whereas so many early dance acts would identify with West Coast hippiedom, Alter Ego always identified with the New York art rock.


“I read lot about the Velevet Underground,” said Jorn “Did you know Nico came from Heidelberg? That’s just twenty kilometers from where we live.”


Together with the Djs Ata and Heiko Mso, they established three labels, ONGAKU, KLANG ELEKTRONIK and PLAYHOUSE in 1993. They released several 12″s and an album under the pseudonym Acid Jesus. Later that year they changed their name to Alter Ego. The following year they founded Sensorama, an outlet for their more ambient tracks.The first Alter Ego LP appeared 1994 on Sven Vath’s Harthouse, which was at that time, one of the most pioneering labels from Germany.


Alter Ego – Sex and Gender


Alter Ego – Lycra (Alter Ego Dub)


Alter Ego – Betty Ford


Alter Ego on MySpace

~ by acidted on March 17, 2008.

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