In 1997, Alter Ego (Jörn Elling Wuttke and Roman Flügel) released their last single for Harthouse, “Absolute”. They then made the decision to concentrate on further productions for their own label Klang Elektronik.

Although they had left Harthouse, they kept in contact with Sven Vath and in the following couple of years co-produced his albums, “Contact” and “Fire”.

They then carried on working on their own stuff. In March 2004 they released “Rocker” to give a taste of their new album “Transphormer” which came out in May 2004. Rocker was their biggest hit and got worldwide attention. With the help of Skint Records, Rocker even managed to climb up the British single charts up to No.32. They are still active today.


From a 2007 interview:


1. How old are you both? Where did you grow up? Where have you two met?


Alter Ego: Old enough to know a lot, young enough not to know, everything… We both grew up in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt. We met in a very nice club / bar called “Die Goldene Krone”. It was Darmstadt’s punk / new wave hangout with a small stage for Live bands, a cinema showing movie classics and a very cool bar on the first floor.

2. Do you always perform together; were you ever booked separately?


Alter Ego: Alter Ego Performs as a Duo. Roman Dj´s alone.
3.Can you both name some of your rock heroes?

Alter Ego: Television , Velvet Underground , Suicide , Richard Hell ,Josef K. ,The New York Dolls , The Seeds , 13 th Floor Elevators , Psychic TV, The Ramones , Kraftwerk , NEU ! , Primal Scream , TV Personalities, James White And The Blacks etc.
4. Do you think the new acid revival can bring back the old ´revolution feeling´ from back then?
Alter Ego: Maybe it’s for some of the young people the same as it was for us back in the days ?
5. What does your life look like within forty years?
Alter Ego: Still Rockin!
Alter Ego – Fragile
Alter Ego – The Fridge
Alter Ego – Gate 23 (Lost On Arrival…) (Isolee Mix)
Alter Ego MySpace

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