Adamski (born Adam Tinley, 4 December 1967) was the first UK house music producer with the real potential to become a pop star of some sort. At least, he is arguably regarded as the creator of the first UK album in house music. Its name: “LiveAnDirect”. From it, a big hit: “N.R.G.” (which annoyingly I couldn’t find in my files).

But of course his crowning glory was one of the ultimate classics of house music: his collaboration with a then unknown Seal, in the song “Killer”. It was one of the first true crossover hits for dance music and one of those tracks that still carries some charisma, despite its arguably dated production.

From then, there were some really hard times for Adamski. Now, it seems he is on a roll again, as the now Adam Sky is one of the residents of NagNagNag. Adam now lives and operates between London and Berlin and operates as a CDJ, musician and producer.

Adamski – One of the People


Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart – We are all


Oh alright, here’s Killer:


Adamski – Killer
Edit: And I’ve even found NRG
Adamski – N-R-G


Adam Sky MySpace

~ by acidted on March 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “A IS FOR ADAMSKI”

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