Dot produces dreamy pop with an edge.

At present, she says “Since this period [releasing her album in autumn last year] I have been in the studio writing more music and also poetry….. including several ghostly ballads for my next album. Love D”

I’m not one for poety but:


The Meeting. . .


A lady and the relish
Of a young gentleman
The air
Between their solitudes
Lies as a wall
Like miracles
The wiser smile..
A harvest-heavy orchard
A billion miles
From the bitter fat of cities

Reassured by the nursery
Of fluttering gushes
The fertile glance of youth
Still eyes him
From the mirror
And over tea at The Wolsley
At their usual table
Words come to shape
A solace, a universe
The form of only two
A two
Made from one and one
Where swans moan
Between their breaths
Some secondary language
Known only to shadows
And white as a buttercup
The pages of his book
Blush more among the still
At the unusual meaning
Read by her
The afternoon yawns
In sultry peace
Playing bored wife to dusk,
To thrift and dreams…
(c) Dot Allison – All Copyright 2008 – 9.
Some pop B-sides
Dot Allison – Lo-Fi Love Song
Dot Allison – Mr Voyeur
Dot Allison – Tomorrow Never Comes (with BJ Cole on steel guitar)
And a remix of her first single:
Dot Allison – Message Personnel [Death In Vegas Remix] with Kevin Shields on guitar

Dot Allison on MySpace
Dot Allison website

~ by acidted on March 19, 2008.

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