In 1991, after a mismatched partnership with CBS / Sony producing two albums, Automanikk and Hi Life Lo Profile (unreleased) he started his own label, Juice Box Records, releasing a string of pioneering 12″ singles – the seeds of what became known as drum and bass. The first singles were compiled and released on his landmark (and very rare) third album 28 Gun Bad Boy (1992).

During the next five years as drum and bass rose in popularity and expanded beyond its UK roots, Simpson released a string of groundbreaking music. In 1995 his next album, Black Secret Technology was released. It is cited as one of the first single-artist drum and bass albums.

In 1997 he moved to New York and in 2000 released Essence on the independent label !K7 Records. Essence was Simpson’s first song-based rather than dance/club album featuring guests such as Lou Rhodes, David Simpson, Lady Miss Kier and Wendy Page.

In January 2005 he released a more ambient album To All Things What They Need on !K7 Records. His latest album called Proto Acid / The Berlin Sessions was released on German label Laboratory Instinct in August 2006 and in the UK in May 2007. A continuous mix album it was recorded live in Berlin and is a definite return to the dancefloor. He is currently touring clubs worldwide and releasing on his own labels SUGOI and PROTECHSHON.

“I’ve always been into finding new sounds. That is the one thing that has remained the same.” He explains. “If it feels right in my ears, I’ll have-it; keep it” he continues, “I’m an explorer, I’m not into the idea of having an easy life. I just can’t sit back. I have to keep moving.”

The Orb – Oxbow Lakes (Everglades Mix) A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald – When You Touch Me

A Guy Called Gerald – Mellow Madness

A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity (feat. Louise Rhodes)

A Guy Called Gerald MySpace

A Guy Called Gerald website (buy product via the site)

~ by acidted on March 22, 2008.

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