Some ethereal pop about which I know very little.

Bought the CD in a second hand record shop in 1993. I bought it because it was a promo in a nice box, because it was on Big Life Records (home of the Orb) and because Youth co-produced it.

The tracks are written by G Burton and R Farina. Aon , who hail from Manchester, are: Annie Burton, vocals; Graham Burton, string instruments and Tim Harney, keyboards. The blurb on the CD says:


“The sound of A-on is timeless and global, deriving from ancient traditions and touching deep into the soul. The meoldies are intrinsically simple and pure, stemming from tunes which were lost and now with A-on have been found. The lyrics, poetic and uplifting, encompass the universal themes of nature, positivism and life’s mysteries. The vocals, haunting and compelling, flow with ease and reflect the beauty and depth of the words. Discover A-on and unearth a truely ethereal sound.”


Alternatively, Wire Magazine said ”Aon skillfully balance the ancient and modern, their folky melodies rubbing shoulders with acoustics, synthetics and cool programmed rhythms. Crucially their sound is no post-modern mishmash or merely a high tech update of Steeleye Span. Youth”s production involvement was secured through a demo of ”Quiet Joys”. The late Sandy Denny put her distinctive stamp on this song way back, but Annie Burton”s supple haunting vocals- over a looping groove, acoustic guitars and squiggly synth lose out little by comparison.It would take a hard heart not to be buoyed up in this albums seductive flow.”


I say, a bit like Caroline Lavelle/William Orbit or even Enya:
A-on – Quiet Joys
A-on – Master of Disguise
A-on – Sun
You can buy the Quiet Joys album here

~ by acidted on March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “A IS FOR A-ON”

  1. […] very long time ago we had tracks from Aon (or A-on) from a promo CD. Scraping the barrel (aka falling across this […]

  2. […] very long time ago we had tracks from Aon (or A-on) from a promo CD. Scraping the barrel (aka falling across this […]

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