Early trance owed more to early techno than does today’s version. In the UK, trance’s early success owes much to Simon Berry and Platipus Records.

Art of Trance is Simon Berry, a trance music artist from England. Berry is also known as Poltergeist or Vicious Circles, and has been a member of the trance groups Clanger and Union Jack. In addition to his work as an artist, Berry is the head of Platipus Records. Art of Trance is well known for the usage of samples of natural sounds (or electronically produced imitations of natural sounds) in his tracks, like bird singing (e.g. Easter Island, Kaleidoscope, Madagascar).

From an interview with Berry in 2003:

Hi Simon, can you tell us about yourself?
I’m 35, single, brunette, and I don’t like interviews.


How would you describe your music?
Melodic, hypnotic, slick, seductive, well lubricated, pulsating, throbbing, jaw-dropping, etc


How did you come to dance music, why did you choose to be a DJ?
Firstly, I’m not a DJ. Never have been. I’ve always been passionate about electronic music from the early 80’s onwards, and as soon as house music and Techno popped out of Chicago and Detroit it was like the mother ship had landed.


How do you feel the scene has progressed over the last couple of years?
I don’t think it has much really. There’s a definite lack of radical new direction in the whole scene and everything is splintering off more and more into finite sub-genres.
Art of Trance – Madagascar
Art of Trance – Kaleidoscope
Platipus Records website

~ by acidted on March 29, 2008.

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