Underworld are dance music legends. But there is so much more to them than dance anthem “Born Slippy”. Even after more than 15 years together Karl Hyde and Rick Smith are still pushing themselves to try new ways of making sound, like this sort-of-live recording.

In 2002, following the departure of DJ Darren Emerson and the release of their live LP/DVD, ‘Everything, Everything’ –Underworld delivered their first LP as a duo, ‘A Hundred Days Off’. A year later, DMC Records engaged Smith and Hyde to curate one of their ‘Back To Mine’ compilations and the pair treated their loving public to a selected anthology (‘Underworld 1992-2002’).

Then, it all went quiet in the Underworld camp. If there’s a single explanation for Underworld’s longevity and creativity, it’s their appetite for change and, over the past few years, they’ve been busy breaking acres of fresh artistic ground, much of it in cyberspace. In November 2005, Smith and Hyde launched their digital ‘Riverrun’ project, delivering on-line (as three separate works to date) brand new music direct to their fans, thus short-circuiting the relentless write/record/tour/promote system and allowing them to respond much quicker to their creative moods.


They also started broadcasting a web-only radio show – inspired by their time spent sitting in for John Peel at the BBC in 2004, while he was away on the holiday from which he tragically never returned – and have been looking at making content for television. In 2005, Underworld produced a four-hour show live from Frankfurt’s Cocoon club with Sven Väth, the first of what they hope will be many broadcasts.
This is a recording from Dutch radio where Karl and Rick jam over some records, some theirs some those of others. It starts with a very short interview. They are in their studio with DJ Darren Price. In some senses, this returns to some of their experiments in the early 1990s as Underworld Sound System, where they would jam over Darren Emerson DJ-ing. I remember seeing them do this at Burgess Park, South London in 1992/3 where they jammed over ‘Skyscraper…I love you’ as the sun set.
Underworld – Dutch Radio

~ by acidted on March 30, 2008.

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