The Advent is hard techno, with tough percussive beats. It’s not going to seduce you but beat you into submission. The Advent (aka Cisco Ferreira) found most success in the mid to late 1990s.
Cisco was born to Portuguese parents on the island of Madeira (Portugal). His family moved to London (1975) when he was five. While at Paddington College (1986) in West London, he studied sound engineering and afterwards got a job as an assistant sound engineer at ZOLOU, then WALL Studios. His first recording sessions were with rock and indie bands (studio owners Matt Dangerfield and John Payne were in prog rock band “Asia”). In 1987, Cisco began going to clubs and learning about this new thing called Acid House. Around this time, a record label called Jack Trax moved in next door and began using the same studio for recording sessions, with Cisco as the engineer working with Fingers Inc, Adonis, Marshall Jefferson and Derrick May. Cisco released his first record in 1988 on Ferrari records (R&S records). His big break came in 1994, when he and fellow Londoner Colin McBean (a.k.a. Mr. G) were brought in by Internal Records to help co-produce a group called Salt Tank. A record contract with Internal/FFRR soon followed, committing The Advent to 12 EP’s and 3 albums.

Their debut album Elements of Life was released in late 1995. Critics championed the duo’s energetic update of original techno templates, and The Advent followed with the remix album Shaded Elementz a year later. Their second proper album A New Beginning appeared in 1997, though Internal dropped the duo soon after its release. After transferring to the Metalbox division of Northwest/BMG, The Advent returned later that year with Kombination Phunk, which alternated remixes with original productions.

In 1999, McBean left, citing his reluctance to continue touring, though he continued to record under his solo aliases (G Flame and Mr. G). Today, The Advent goes on as just Cisco Ferreira. He is busy touring as both DJ and live performer. He also runs his own Techno imprint, Kombination Research.

The Advent – C-On

Space DJ’z – AK-47 (The Advent Mix)

System 7 – Ring Of Fire (Advent Mix)

The Advent website

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  1. […] was active in the mid-90s and released stuff from heavy duty techno artists like Billy himself, The Advent and Umek. But also released stuff from less aggressive techno people like Dave Angel and Space DJz. […]

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