Akasha say they make a jazedelic slice of psychedelic pop. I say really good jazzy, trip hop (don’t be put off by the term) with dub underpinnings. They are a duo, comprising Charlie Casey and Damian Hand. They were originally signed to Wall of Sound, but now appear on Ra Recordings. Their debut album “Cinematique” was released in 1998, followed by “Love Philtre Magick” in 2003.

In Charlie’s own words:

Formed in 1994, in Brixton the first steps came when we were offered a space on a DJ Bizzniss EP for one track as Damian had been recording on a few sessions for him. It was released on Payday recordings, which I believe was being run by 4 Hero at the time. From there the track was licensed through Pressure Drop who recommended us to WOS who were operating out of a warehouse at the time.

Jazedelica EP was released in Feb 95, followed by Spanish Fly, and Brown Sugar with an excellent remix by p.f.m on limited 10”.

A few comps such as the great Wall of Pussy record and a first gig on the Jazz stage at Glastonbury came and the first album was released in 1998. It featured guest vocals by Maxi Jazz (who Damian had met playing with in his Soul Food Café band) and Neneh Cherry who I had been playing guitar on tour with in 1997.

We took Akasha on tour in Belgium, France and Germany with great success and rocked the house at Vapour in front of the big beat heads who didn’t know what hit them as they were coming up on their E’s.
Quite hedonistic days at Wall of Sound culminated in a party when I jumped onstage at a L.R.D. gig dressed as Rolf Harris and did a stylophone solo which went down really badly with Stuart and I was “removed”. Very confusing.

All of the tracks on Cinematique were remixed and released late ’99, not including one we did under the pseudonym Amethyst Deceiver. I lied to Mark and said it was a Belgian new beat producer because I needed the advance they were offering but apparently it was too hard sounding to get accepted.

Since leaving WOS we have really got our heads stuck into this new record (“She’s Groovy”) and I think it contains the true essence of where we are going with this project in the future.”

Their single – She’s Groovy – was released in 2005/06 and I’ve heard nothing since.

Akasha – Alphaville

Akasha – Crazy Baby

Akasha – 21st Century Boy

Akasha website. Well worth a visit. It’s well done and there are more downloads to be had.

Buy She’s Groovy 7”
Buy downloads for Cinematique

~ by acidted on April 26, 2008.

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