Anjali is Riot Grrrl meets Detroit with an Eastern twist. She says, “I love harps, brass and esoterica – esoterica is how I would describe my sound, a cross between exotica, erotica and aspects of the esoteric side of the mind…”.

Anjali being neither posh nor a boy but Asian, a girl & working class had plenty that needed saying. The emergent riot grrl scene was to be the medium & Bhatia’s multi-racial trailblazers Voodoo Queens would become the scene’s most accessible exponents. I remember seeing them at the Garage (Highbury) in the early 1990s. There were loads of them on the cramped stage. They had a colour and vibrancy that indie lacked. They had sass and style in the midst of the thrashing guitars. But as the riot grrl scene faded, so did the Voodoo Queens.

In 1995, Anjali performed some new songs she’d written acoustically Upstairs At The Garage. This led to fellow riot-grrl refugee Gary Walker signing her to Wiiija. She decided her new weapon of choice after the drum-kit, guitar & microphone would be the sampler. After embarking on a music technology course she began experimenting with her basic home set-up, finally producing her first single, “Maharani”. It featured scratching from Spykid with whom she’d collaborate in future.

Anjali’s eponymous debut in 2000 paired 60s orchestral pop productions with the rigidness of late 90s Hip-Hop & RnB. Her single “Nebula” and especially the B-Side “Hymn To The Sun” would show her a new direction. The sampler would now take its place at the back of the studio & in its place live orchestration, real-time analogue synth washes & treated guitars. Old friends, Bruce Brand drummer for The Masonics & Thee Headcoats & string/brass arranger Terry Edwards, Spykid & new-school blazers Black Madonnas were enlisted to make anjali’s next album “The World Of Lady A”.

Her website describes the album as “A psychedelic pop masterpiece that is a celebration of every pop maverick from Joe Meek & Brian Wilson through to Syd Barrett & Ananda Shankar and that’s just the instrumentation! Anjali’s extraordinary vocals have been compared to Jane Birkin, PJ Harvey, Billie Holiday & Minnie Ripperton. Now there’s not many ex-Riot Grrls you can say that about!”

Anjali – Hymn To The Sun

Anjali – Nebula (Qualifide! Mix)


Anjali – Seven X Eight


Anjali website


Anjali MySpace


~ by acidted on April 30, 2008.

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