This isn’t normally a blog for new music, since it spends its time looking through the record crates of dance history. But for a change, here’s a new track “Shitport” because it has a lovely squiggly acidic bass line (and an extra track for good measure). It’s by Domenico Biancardi.
Like Dilate Choonz, I’ve had trouble finding out much about him. But my rubbish translation reckons Domenico Biancardi was born in TROPEA September 20, 1983 and starts DJing at 16 years old. He says “His idea of music is an extension of his emotional representation in that period.” His musical maturity takes place a few years later, when he becomes resident DJ at a very popular disco in the area DelyRouse, former Officine Kitch Cafe. He stays there for two years. During that period his tastes change to the harder electronic music of Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and especially The Prodigy. But the sounds are too underground for most.

He temporarily moves away from the dance floor to start producing, collaborating the group Halmadaxx. Together produce work for Luca Zeta. In the summer of 2005 they release Song of Joy, produced by Luca Zeta and Jordy Carreras. But the group is not satisfied with the work so that decides to change style, and under the pressure of Biancardi starts to introduce more electronic sounds. The first output is Loud Crash of Thunder, followed by The Problem.


As for the track, the press release says (my bad translation again):
“Shitport” is the first techno release in 2008 by Footlovers Music, a well-known digital label digital from top Tuscan dj Joy Kitikonti. Who are the architects of this real floor-killer? Leonardo Filomeno and Cosimo “Cixxx J” D’Amicis. There are three versions of “Shitpot”: The Dalek mix, perhaps, the most light and radio friendly. The Biancardi mix, full of references to the 90s and definitely hypnotic. And then the original, which has an electronic groove and is full of breaks designed only to get you on the dancefloor.


Bonus track in a progressive house style from his new EP (via zshare):


Domenico Biancardi website


Domenico Biancardi MySpace


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~ by acidted on April 30, 2008.

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