Dubby downtempo and ambient drum and bass project of Washington DC’s Mike Reger and Phillip Brooks. They were signed to Thievery Corporation’s Eighteenth Street Lounge Records (ESL, Washington, DC) in 1998. Their output was small and Avatars were put on indefinite hold in 2001.


Avatar’s Mike Reger continues recording under the nom de plume, De Rigueur (Citrona Records, De Rigueur Musique) and Mikro™. Remixes for artists as diverse as King Tubby and Stereolab indicate a certain penchant for the eclectic. Although, often labeled as a downtempo producer, De Rigueur enjoys surprising listeners with the unexpected. This is particularly evident in his DJ sets, in which anything from dub to jazzbreaks and brokenbeat to afrofunk to exotica to techhouse might mix and mingle. Anything goes as long as it flows.

The Covert Operations CD (ESL) says of the Avatars:

“Myth 101 – Little is known about the players who make up the Avatars of Dub. According to reliable sources, the name originated in 1995 as a prototype action game for Playstation, in which the players are a gang of techno-rastafarians set on bringing down a futuristic Babylon with an arsenal of speed-reggae records and a massive sound system. Needless to say, the developers have put aside such technical pursuits for the thrill of becoming real musical recording artists as evidenced here in this collection.”

Avatars of Dub – Codeword: Mantra

Avatars of Dub – Sex Elevator Music (Thievery Corporation Mix)

ESL website

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~ by acidted on May 1, 2008.

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