The Black Dog is one of the UK’s best techno/IDM artists. They’ve been around since the early 1990s. They released a series of highly regarded albums (more to come on these in the next week or so), starting with Bytes in 1992 and most recently Radio Scarecrow in March 2008. Their recent work has been patchy and I’ve never seen them live. But this free download from the Dog Squad website is brilliant. Best new techno/IDM I’ve heard in ages.

The Black Dog – @Sheffield Stag Works -13/03/08 Bass Workout (track list)
1. The Black Dog – Mental Ward Sleep Machine (Beatless Version) – Riphead EP – Soma
2. The Black Dog – Witches OV – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
3. The Black Dog – Beep – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
4. The Black Dog – Floods V3.1 (Bass Soldier Rework) – Floods – Soma
5. The Black Dog – Freq 93 – Unreleased
6. The Black Dog – Broke – Unreleased
7. The Black Dog – EVP Echoes – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
8. PWOG – Revelation – Record Of Breaks – Kk
9. The Black Dog – Set To Receive – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
10. The Black Dog – Floods V3.2 (Surgeon Remix) – Floods – Soma
11. PWOG – Dust – Peel Session – Kk/BBC
12. The Black Dog – Gawble Vianag – Riphead EP – Soma
13. The Black Dog – Age Of Slack – Book of Dogma – Soma
14. The Black Dog – Floods V3 – Floods – Soma
The Black Dog – Live At Sheffield Stag Works 68megs 30 mins

The Black Dog website

Buy CDs or download from Soma Records

~ by acidted on May 18, 2008.

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