Baby Ford (real name: Peter Ford) makes experimental minimal techno and is one of the founders of the U.K acid house scene. He has been releasing tracks since the late 80s.


He’s released four full-length albums, including the debut ‘Fordtrax’ (hugely influential for UK techno/house DJs) and 1997’s ‘Headphone Easyrider’, one of his more listener-friendly albums. His recent work has appeared mostly through Trelik and Ifach – two of the UK’s most highly regarded techno labels, and both of which Ford has a hand in managing (Trelik with Eon’s Ian Loveday, Ifach with Mark Broom).

He collaborates with Thomas Melchior as Soul Capsule and as Sunpeople. With Ian Loveday he has collaborated on a number of projects (including Minimal Man) for Trelik. Less active as a remixer, Ford has reconfigured tracks for Stefan Robbers’ Florence project and pop S’Express, amongst others.

From a 1992 interview:


“The root of what I’m trying to say with this [“Fetish”] is electronics is the basics for house. Disco is electronic machines. The interesting thing about House, Techno, whatever you want to call it, is that it’s a cross fertilisation of a very black feeling in music for me. I’ve always been interested in a lot of early acid tracks Jack your body, a lot of stuff out of Detroit, Chicago made by black American musicians but, influenced by European groups. The way that they use machines is fascinating to me because it’s never been done before, the whole point of Techno and House is that it’s never been done, but people haven’t realised this combination is a fascinating one. It’s also relevant to the way we live our lives, it’s about integration, and black and white understanding each other’s cultures.
“I hate people slagging off rave music and Techno, saying you can’t listen to it at home, that’s a load of crap. Get into stuff like D-Jacks from Eindhoven, and Carl Craig in Detroit and you tell me that you can’t listen to this at home. It just means you’re ignorant and you’ve not really looked.”

What separates the good stuff from the bad then? “It’s just an attitude, that goes world wide as well people in Detroit, Carl Craig, Derrick May, understand that it’s an attitude.”
Baby Ford – Fetish (Main Mix)
Baby Ford website

~ by acidted on May 20, 2008.

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