Kevin Beber is a respected breakbeat artist. He has a unique sound of laid-back rap and colourful grooves, toughened up with layers of electronic rumbles. He is not only known for being the debut artist on Marine Parade but also for his collaboration with Adam Freeland as Tsunami One. He also joined forces with Mikey James (Waveform) releasing Capricorn under the collaboration 9 Nickel.

In 2000, Kevin moved in a new direction, working with talented vocalist Tamra, as duo Beber & Tamra, on which more tomorrow.

Kevin Beber’s musical career started out in the mid 80’s as a session drummer under master drummer – Bob Armstrong. In the 4 years spent studying he soaked up everything from Latin and Jazz to Funk and Country. However, working in theatres and on cruise ships wasn’t quite what he’d imagined it to be – Indie/rock bands and the London circuit was more like it … but the big break never came and Kevin’s ears were averted as drum machines, rave music and Ecstasy took a hold of England…


Kevin had grown up in Romford, Essex, and completed a course in music technology in his final two years of school. He became friends with Dan Donnely (owner of ‘Boogie Times’ record store). “That’s where it began for me,” states Kevin, “acid house was mutating and rave music spawned from that… it was the beats that got me … the beats and the bass “.
“I’d always been heavily into hip hop and my mate was a house DJ so we’d just hang about in Boogie Times having a laugh … one day we just decided to have a crack at making a tune”. Needless to say, the white label – ‘MODULE 220 EP’ by KMD (Kevin, Marcus, Danny) didn’t make much of a splash but it was a springboard to greater things. Danny Donnely went on to launch Suburban Bass Records while Kevin and Marcus formed ‘Toxic’ who’s first release ‘TOXIC EP’ on D-Zone Records sold in excess of 10k , even denting the national top 100. Further releases followed as things started becoming more serious.
By ’96/’97 , alongside the likes of Adam Freeland, he was pioneering a whole new sound which was to become known as Nu Skool Breaks, with breakbeat classics like “Hip Hop Phenomenon” (with BT), “No.43 With Steamed Rice Please” (Tsunami 1) , “LA” (Uptown Connection) and the solo “Chief Rocka” and “Juvenile Delinquent” … not to mention remixes of tracks such as Orbital’s “Nothing Left” and The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds”.
Beber – Chief Rocka
Beber – Juvenile Delinquent (Original) sharebee
Beber MySpace

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