After a string of successful instrumental breakbeat tracks (see yesterday’s post), in 2000 Kevin Beber moved in a new direction forming a duo with vocalist Tamra Keenan. The duo met in a nightclub (she was working in a casino as a croupier at the time). They produced tracks like “Travellin On” (NME’s “Single of The Week”), “You Wonder” and “Breakdown”, plus the long-player “Suite Beat Boy ” (2002). Whilst “You Wonder” was a superb contrast between Beber’s hard-edged beats and Tamra’s soulful vocals, “Suite Beat Boy” suffered from a lack of quality control resulting a largely forgettable album.

After the release of the album and a tour they “decided to take a break” which I assumed meant they’d fallen out and split up. Kevin went to score film soundtracks in America and Tamra went off to be part of Future Funk Squad.

To my surprise, they got together again in 2007 and have been working on a new album “Killa Rockin Bird” and will play the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. You can hear tracks from the new album at their MySpace page.

Beber & Tamra – You Wonder (Instrumental)

Bonus: Beber & Teasdale – Razorblade

Beber & Tamra MySpace

Tamra MySpace

~ by acidted on May 23, 2008.

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