Some funky, jazzy hip hop from Black Grass a.k.a. Mex. Based in Brighton UK, Mex is a self confessed vinyl addict who is most happy around records and came up in the burgeoning Brighton music scene of the mid nineties. He records for local label Catskill Records.


First and foremost a dj and selector, Mex is also a producer and all round music junkie. After releasing some singles on a few local labels and establishing his own record store, Mex took things to the next level, turning Black Grass into a production outfit. His first album was recorded with local scenster Carl Faure. Described as a “pantomime of styles” by Mex, the Black Grass sound was hip hop minded but covering wider influences from dusty funk and jazz to soul to party beats. He also works with a range of vocalists, including Blak Twang & Maylay Sparks.


After spending time Djing and touring Australia, Mex recorded the second album “A Hundred Days In One”. But this time as a solo artist, without Carl. It was released in 2006. Since then Mex has been recording his third Black Grass album – Three – with guest features from J-Live, The Good People and others. The new album has just been released.


Here’s a track from the new album – Bless. It is a lovely bossa nova track in the Bebel Gilberto vein. Just right for when the sun shines.

Black Grass – Bless*

Black Grass – Wigs

Skibadee – Tika Tok (Black Grass Remix)

Black Grass website

Black Grass MySpace

Buy product from Catskills

* Bless is from a rather nice compliation courtesy of The End (you know, the trendy London club), which can be found here.

~ by acidted on May 23, 2008.

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