A couple more tracks from the charity shop rummage. A German artist and a UK one.
First up WestBam (Maximilian Lenz, the brother of Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick)), born on 4 March 1965 in Münster, Westphalia. Not only is he Germany’s most successful and most popular DJ and avantgardist of the Raving Society, he is also the most innovative producer and co-founder of Berlin’s Indie Dance label, Low Spirit Recordings. WestBam is in fact the abbreviated form of Westphalia BamBaataa and derives from his home state in Germany and his role model Afrika Bambaataa. This track dates from 1990 and is a Balearic classic – extensively used by Andy Weatherall in his “Glider” remix for MBV.


Second up, Coldcut. This is, of course, Jonathan More and Matt Black. Innovators since the late 80s and still going strong. As their biography on Ninjatune puts it “The problem with Coldcut is that, despite their veteran status, they act like two unruly children who just won’t sit still”. Featured track, “Ride The Pressure” is a 1990 release from the “Some Like It Cold” album.


Westbam – Alarm Clock
Coldcut – Ride The Pressure


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~ by acidted on May 29, 2008.

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