Some classic progressive house from 1994 and Jo Bogaert. A record from the brilliant Guerilla records catalogue. This one never got the recognition it deserved.

With a name like that I always assumed he was Belgian. I was wrong. He’s American. According to discogs, he is Thomas de Quincy (really?), an American-born philosophy teacher who relocated to Belgium (Aalst) in the late 80’s to mount a career as record producer. He has had a range of aliases, including Technotronic with Yak Kid K and Millennium featuring Robert Wyatt.

His biography on MySpace is hardly a normal one for dance artists:

“I produce records, compose and occasionally remix.

I have a particular interest in the psychopathological aspect of power, in other words, paranoia, which I think is the main source of violence, war and genocide. So I feel connected to Elias Canetti and Wolfgang Treher.
I also research the work of Jan Van Eyck, the 15th century painter. I am preparing a book on his “Adoration of the Mystical Lamb”, the Genth altarpiece. At the moment I focus on Spinoza, the17th century philosopher.”

Anyhow, from 1994:

Jo Bogaert – Water (Original Mix)

Jo Bogaert – Water (Spooky’s Hydro-electric Mix) 

Jo Bogaert on MySpace

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~ by acidted on June 7, 2008.

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