Mid-90s techno from Blood Sugar. This was Andrew Weatherall with Dave Harrow and was named after Weatherall’s “Blood Sugar” club. Another of Weatherall’s myriad pseudonyms. Click here for a previous post on Weatherall.

Weatherall and Harrow didn’t originally use the name for other than remixes or mixes. But in 1996 they produced the “Levels” double-12″, which I think was the only proper release for their Blood Sugar alias. Weatherall was primarily using the Two Lone Swordsmen name in this period.

“I’m what you might describe as the classic underachiever. I tread that fine line between boffin-dom and the grand amateur.”- Andrew Weatherall, 1997.

The first use of Blood Sugar was for Percy X (on Glasgow’s Soma label). For Weatherall’s normal rough sound at this time, this is much more towards classic Detroit techno:

Percy X vs. Blood Sugar – -3 (Emissions 1)

Percy X vs. Blood Sugar – -3 (Emissions 3)

Weatherall website

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~ by acidted on June 13, 2008.

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