Unfathomably popular epic trance from Brian Transeau (BT).

Brian Wayne Transeau (born 4 October 1971 in Rockville, Maryland) is an American music producer, composer, singer and songwriter, better known by his stage name, BT. He is a pioneering artist in the trance genre and sometimes called the “Prince of Dance Music” (not by me I can assure you) for his multi-instrumentalist skills, and in recent years he has gained additional fame for producing several Hollywood film scores and the 2001 NSync hit “Pop”.

His Wikipedia entry also says “In addition to his “BT Stutter” edit, BT’s signature sound is also achieved by means of a method of sound manipulation called granular synthesis, where sounds are broken apart into tiny pieces and rearranged to create very chaotic and wild soundscapes. BT is one of the direct pioneers of time correction techniques. Time correction is a method by which a producer takes a series of samples with random occurrence (such as rain) and time corrects each individual hit according to a rhythmic and mathematical grid, much like the BT stutter. The result is that the seemingly random pulses take on a rhythmic form as well as a developing pattern, but retain their chaotic and unpredictable character. Transeau has developed his own method of time-correcting which he calls “nano-correcting,” which is correcting any note shorter than a 64th note. He is writing a book on stutter editing and time correcting and has included a chapter on nano-correcting.”

Didn’t understand a word of that. But it sounds a lot of fun.

BT – Mercury and Solace

BT (feat. Tori Amos) – Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix)*

BT – Dreaming (Tiesto Mix)

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*Thanks to The Lost Turntable

~ by acidted on June 27, 2008.

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