Audioweb were an indie band around in the latter half of the 1990s. Although strictly indie themselves, they got their singles remixed by a wide range of UK dance cognosenti – including The Orb and Justin Robertson.

Audioweb were based in Manchester, England. They formed in 1991, originally as The Sugar Merchants. They were Martin “Sugar” Merchant (vocals), Sean McCann (bass), Robin File (guitar), and Robert “Maxi” Maxfield (drums). They had a couple of minor hit singles, were a great live band but had no lasting success and split up in 1999. Bassist McCann now plays with Badly Drawn Boy, whilst Maxi has drummed for Ian Brown since 2001. Merchant is apparently working on a new musical project with ex-record company owner Simon Collier.

Audioweb – Faker (Orb Things Bright and Bootiful)


Audioweb – Faker (Justin Robertson’s Lionrock Remix)


~ by acidted on June 27, 2008.


  1. […] Today, for your delectation, we have Acid Ted favourite Justin Robertson remixing indie dance group Audioweb from a promo 12″ (1998). This is the dub version, so nothing to distract from your dancing pleasure. Further info on Robertson from a previous post here and on Audioweb here. […]

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