Some early rave classics with Joey Beltram. Beltram (Born: November 06, 1971 Queens, NY, United States ) is widely acknowledged as a leading innovator in the early development of underground dance music.

Joey began DJing as a hobby back in 1983 at the age of 13 playing mostly early electro and hip-hop. He made the switch to house music in 1985 when the first wave of Chicago house hit NYC that same year. In 1989 he started releasing some of his early productions on several small New York record labels. A year later he caught the eye of R & S Records in Belgium and by mid 1990 released his first major record with that company titled “Energy Flash”.

“Energy Flash” (1990) and “Mentasm” (1991) announced and then intensified a new hard, dark direction in rave music, a literally divisive development that ultimately caused the global subculture to fragment into radically opposed genres.

The curious thing about “Energy Flash” is that while many house connoisseurs were horrified by what it spawned (an ultra-fast, industrial-tinged style from Northern Europe they denigrated as “heavy metal techno”), the original track itself is almost universally loved. House purists found it as a late-period “acid” track, while in America the tune was licensed by Derrick May’s Transmat label, revered by all Detroit disciples. Yet equally the young ravers who would soon invent jungle, gabba and trance could smell the future in “Energy Flash.”


What does it sound like, though? The pummeling, naggingly hypnotic bass-pulse is the obvious hook, and the sinister synth-ripples and creepy male voice whispering “acid, ecstasy” add atmosphere. But what really makes “Energy Flash” is the fantastic drum track, those massively reverbed snare crashes in the back of the mix that create the feeling of a controlled stampede. “Flash” is a paragon of the tricky techno art of building and building the intensity without ever losing the maniac fixatedness.


Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Joey Beltram – Sub-Bass Experience

Human Resource – Dominator (Joey Beltram Remix)

Joey Beltram MySpace

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