Some more from the early techno innovator Joey Beltram, this time focusing on his remix work.

Joey Beltram grew up in Queens, New York, the son of a Mexican father and an Italian mother. In his tough surroundings, he stood his own ground and won the necessary respect on the street with his graffiti art. “Poes” is his pseudonym, which still can be found, once in a while, as the signature under some of the big, colorful graffiti works.

Back in 1983, at the age of twelve, he stood behind a turntable for the first time, and by 17 he had recorded his first single – for Nu Groove in New York. Then followed a series of releases for Atmosphere Records and Easy Street, NY – and Trax Records in Chicago, under the project name Cold Six (“Forgotten Moments” – 1989). This “first official EP”, as he calls it, established contact for him with the Belgian label R&S Records, which ended up signing him to a recording contract.

At the end of 1989 Beltram went to Gent, Belgium as the first American musician to work there for a longer period. This brought him into close contact with the exploding UK dance scene. He was soon taken on for remix duties by Altern8, Orbital and the Shamen amongst others.

Orbital – Chime (Joey Beltram Mutation)

The Shamen – Progen (Beltram Dub)

Human Resource – Dominator (Joey Beltram Remix)
Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202 (Beltram Remix)

Joey Beltram MySpace

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~ by acidted on July 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “B IS FOR JOEY BELTRAM (PT 3)”

  1. […] from 12×12 artist Altern-8, this time a remix provided by Joey Beltram (previously here). This track is taken from the 1992 Hypnotic St-8 EP. Of Infiltrate, discogs says:”Infiltrate […]

  2. Mr. Beltram’s first two singles were both on Sue Records Inc., not Nu Groove.

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