When Bjork started her solo career in the early 1990s, she was living in London and was heavily influenced by the dance scene, particularly the more leftfield and experimental producers. All her early singles came with interesting choices of remixers. Today, proto-trancers Fluke and Manchester legend Justin Robertson.
This is from her first solo single in 1993, “Big Time Sensuality”, remixed by Fluke and Justin Robertson. Fluke was formed in the late 1980’s by three friends living together in London, Fluke started out making dreamy pop before the explosion of acid house influenced them. It was the growing electronica sound that influenced their early singles (Thumper, Joni, Slid) and their techno-rock debut album The Techno Rose Of Blighty, which is highly recommended.
Justin Robertson’s career in dance music dates all the way back to the Madchester days when he was spinning at clubs like Spice and Most Excellent. Now based in London, Robertson fulfills roles as DJ, producer and lead singer of band Thee Earls. As a DJ, Justin wears several hats besides the naff one on his head. Regulars to London nights Bugged Out and Together will be familiar with his mixture of ravey acid techno and electronic house while those who frequent Gay Mod and Sunday Best will know him for his eclectic sets of reggae, northern soul and pop. In the studio, Robertson has reworked Bjork, Felix Da Housecat, Chicken Lips and Kiki & Silversurfer. He also released an album of primitive house and new wave disco ‘Justin Robertson presents Revtone’ on Nuphonic in 2001. Robertson also penned ‘Push and Shove’ the gospel-tinged song on Fatboy Slim’s fourth album ‘Palookaville’.


Bjork – Big Time Sensuality (Fluke minimix)
Bjork – Big Time Sensuality (Justin Robertson’s Prankster Joyride)


Bjork website

~ by acidted on July 8, 2008.

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