A couple more tracks from the charity shop rummage, with the focus firmly on techno. A sort of three-in-one, since there’s techno don Dave Angel and legend Green Velvet, both mixed by techno heavyweight Dave Clarke.
First up Dave Angel. Dave Angel was one of the original UK techno dons. His sound was closest to the sound of Detroit and Carl Craig. Perhaps for that reason, he had far less attention than he deserved in the UK. He even recorded for Belgian label Apollo and R&S.
Next up, Green Velvet (Curtis Alan Jones). Green Velvet (aka Cajmere) studied chemical engineering at the University of Illinois, where he exposed himself to the energetic culture and lifestyle of house. In 1991, midway though graduate school, Cajmere returned to Chicago to pursue his dream of producing house music. In 1992, Cajmere finally made an imprint on the dance community with his infectious experiment, “Coffee Pot” (It’s Time for the Percolator). He then started Cajual Records and in 1993 created Relief Records. The label became an outlet for he and other producers’ more track-oriented work. The Relief label also gave birth to the experimental and eccentric, afro wig-wearing entity we know as Green Velvet – a Cajmere alter ego but one which would become more popular than its Cajmere originator.
Dave Clarke is the cigar chomping, fast car driving Mr Grumpy of techno. Dave Clarke began his music career as a hip-hop DJ in the mid-’80s, shifting to acid-house and later rave near the end of the decade. He began recording for Stress (as Pig City) in the early ’90s and also appeared on R&S, XL and his own Magnetic North Records. By the mid-’90s, he had gradually shifted away from rave to a brand of straightahead techno with the ferocity of hardcore yet the sublime feelings of classic Detroit techno. A series of three singles named “Red” secured his lasting fame during 1993-96 (the last went Top 40 in the U.K.), as did his ferocious DJ sets.
Green Velvet – La La Land (Dave Clarke Remix)
Dave Angel – Tokyo Stealth Fighter (Dave Clarke’s Fancy A Doubles Mate Mix)
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~ by acidted on July 9, 2008.

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