Tracks from a couple more singles from the charity shop rummage – the legendary David Bowie and failed popstrels Alisha’s Attic.
David Bowie needs no introduction (and I don’t know enough about him to try). From 70s glam rock to his D’n’B experiments in the late 90s, he has always been willing to explore new avenues. But with ever-decreasing returns since the 80s. The “Little Wonder” single is from 1997 and is pretty forgettable. Junior Vasquez attempts to spice it up; leaving out most of Bowie’s nasal vocals is a reasonable start in my book.
If you’ve ever had a sneaking love for the Sugababes, you might like Alisha’s Attic. Sisters Shellie and Karen Poole formed Alisha’s Attic in the early 1990’s and were discovered by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart after they sent him a demo tape. They recorded 3 albums with Mercury Records before parting company and the sisters went their separate ways to persue solo careers. Shellie changed her name to Shelly and released her debut solo album “Hard Time For The Dreamer” in 2005 and Karen went on to write music and lyrics for well-known artists such as Kylie and Danii Minogue, Will Young and Sugababes. Again, the remix is by Junior Vasquez.
David Bowie – Little Wonder (Junior Vasquez Instrumental Mix)
Alisha’s Attic – I Am, I Feel (Junior Vasquez Urban Beats)


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~ by acidted on July 21, 2008.

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