Tracks from a couple more singles from the charity shop rummage – country pop star Sophie B Hawkins and dub reggae legend Bim Sherman.
Sophie B Hawkins had a big hit in 1992 with “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” from her album “Tongues and Tails”. But she never repeated that success (in the UK at least). The featured track comes from a single taken from her follow-up “Whaler” album, with production bizarrely by The Grid (Richard Norris and Dave Ball – ex Soft Cell).


Bim Sherman is one of those credible folk that never quite got the recognition they deserved. He died in 2000. I only really knew about him through his association with Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound System crew (which included Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish and Keith Leblanc, all of whom feature on the track below). The featured track is from 1998.


From an article at the time of his death:


“Singer/songwriter Bim Sherman, whose aliases include Jarrett Tomlinson, Jarrett Vincent, Lloyd Vincent, J.L. Vincent, Bim Shieman and Lloyd Tomlinson was born on the island of Jamaica in 1952. Bim Sherman belonged to a generation dreadlocked singers, who emerged in the mid-seventies to express the Rasta vision of Babylon’s fall and corresponding redemption for the righteous through their roots reggae music. The singer with the amazingly ethereal and entrancing voice impressed most with his late-1970s titles, “Tribulation”, “World Go Round” and “Danger” as well as “Mighty Ruler”, the latter appearing on Dudley Swabey’s “Ja-Man” imprint.

In the early eighties Bim Sherman settled in the UK where he teamed up with producer Adrian Sherwood. It marked the beginning of a fruitful association as Sherman started to record for Sherwood’s “On-U-Sound” label. Throughout the eighties and early nineties he was a featured vocalist on the highly acclaimed, Sherwood-produced “Singers And Players” series of albums for which he sometimes would record new versions of his old material. In 1984, Bim Sherman started “Century Records”, originally through On-U Sound, and released two albums : “Bim Sherman And The Voluntary” and “Danger”.
Although Bim Sherman had a lot of devoted fans in the UK and Europe, it lasted two decades after he started his recording career before he finally made a commercial breakthrough in the UK charts. It was the release of Bim Sherman’s acoustic masterpiece “Miracle” – released on Beggars Banquent Records’ offshoot “Mantra” in 1996 – that made things happen for Sherman. The album brings together disparate elements – ‘playback’ strings orchestrated by Suraj Sathe, Talvin Singh’s tabla’s, former Sugarhill sessioneers (guitarist Skip McDonald and bassist Doug Wimbish) and Sherman’s meditative lovers and cultural songs. The lack of a conventional drum kit is barely noticed, and yet this is still recognizably reggae, albeit of a uniquely mutated kind. Dance producer Steve Osbourne took the album track “Solid As A Rock” and made a remix. After it was released on single it scaled the UK charts and helped to re-energize Sherman’s career.”
Sophie B Hawkins – Right Beside You (The Grid 12″ Mix)
Bim Sherman – Heaven (The Underwolves Mix)
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