Tracks from a couple more singles from the charity shop rummage – mega star David Bowie and Australian cut and paste artists the Avalanches.


David Bowie needs no introduction (and I don’t know enough about him to try). From 70s glam rock to his D’n’B experiments in the late 90s, he has always been willing to explore new avenues. But with ever-decreasing returns since the 80s. The featured track is from his 1993 single “Black Tie White Noise” and is pretty forgettable. Jack Dangers (aka Meat Beat Manifesto) attempts to spice it up but there’s still too much of Bowie’s nasal vocals. Nevertheless, enjoy Jack Dangers’ usual crunchy beats as consolation.


The Avalanches have featured on this blog before, when I said “Possibly Australia’s laziest group. The sampladelic sextet have been together more than ten years but produced only one album.” Harsh but not unfair. Their stuff is an incitement to party. The track is remixed by Japan’s Cornelius (yes, it is a Planet of the Apes reference).


David Bowie – You’ve Been Around (Jack Dangers Remix)
The Avalanches – Since I Left You (Cornelius Remix)


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~ by acidted on August 4, 2008.

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