The high point of Boards of Canada’s mix of childlike melodies with pastoral sounds and machine-made tones.


The 1998 LP “Music Has The Right To Children” is Boards of Canada’s finest moment and undoubted high point of their career. An album made to listen to all the way through. A complete whole. You really need this album. When I first listened to this album, it almost passed me by without me really taking any of it in. This disappointed me, as I thought it meant that the album was indifferent, but as with all music, I gave it a second chance. Each time I listen to it now, I get something different from it. This album is best listened to when you are relaxed and can give time to it.


There is a similar quality to all the songs, yet you will have no problem telling where one ends and another begins. It’s almost like watching a landscape slowly change over time, with each track representing a new day. This music is all about moods, and if you just sit and let it take you where it will you will get the most out of it.


Boards of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind
Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place In The Country


Boards of Canada website

~ by acidted on August 11, 2008.

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  1. […] is a case in point. At the time that they released their best and most delicate album – Music Has The Right to Children – they had their only Peel […]

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