Some electronic re-working of comedown queen Beth Orton. Instead of taking the big-lunged approach to dance music so common in ‘uplifting’ house, this goes in the opposite direction, favouring fragility. Beth, along with Dot Allison, was its finest exponent.

Elizabeth Caroline Orton, commonly known as Beth Orton, (born December 14, 1970), is a Brit Award–winning English singer-songwriter. Known for her “folktronica” sound, which mixes elements of folk and electronica, she was initially recognized for her collaborations with the Chemical Brothers in the late 1990s–but these were not Orton’s first recordings. She released a solo album, Superpinkymandy, in 1993. Since the album was only released in Japan, it unfortunately went largely unnoticed. She had also sung on William Orbit’s “Water From A Vine Leaf” that year, which was the first time I had heard her disctinctive voice.


Her second solo album, Trailer Park, garnered much critical acclaim in 1996. With the release of the albums Central Reservation (1996) and the 2001 UK top 10 album Daybreaker, Beth developed a devoted fan base with her unique sound and inimitably soulful voice. On her 2006 release, Comfort of Strangers, she has moved towards a more folk-based sound and away from the electronic sound of past albums. American movies and TV shows such as Felicity, How to Deal, and Vanilla Sky have featured her music and provided her with long-deserved exposure to an American mainstream audience.


Fans of her folk-based music should look elsewhere. Here’s a small selection of her electronic work, including a Weatherall remix of “Anywhere” (as Two Lone Swordsmen). As Simon noted about Weatherall in a comment on the One Dove post of a few days ago “In a lot of ways his later work could have done with something as good in it’s centre. A lot of the Two Lone Swordsmen stuff sounds unfinished, good but missing an ingredient.” Here, Beth provides that missing ingredient for a magical track. This is a longer version than appeared on the 2002 CD single.


William Orbit – Water From A Vine Leaf (Underworld Mix Part 2) feat. Beth Orton

Beth Orton – Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
Beth Orton – Central Reservation (Ibadan Spiritual Life Radio Edit)

Beth Orton website

~ by acidted on August 16, 2008.

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  2. I love your blog. Please don’t stop sharing!

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