Some downtempo electronic with elements of hip hop and jazz from that hotbed of trip hop, Bristol UK.

Broadway Project is the vehicle for the output of Dan Berridge. An all-out composer, Berridge has scored numerous award winning short films and completed commissions for Channel 4 and the BBC. Inspired by the love of avant-garde jazz, hip hop breaks and the cinema aesthetic, the Broadway Project sound is naturally epic. The project did initially only take form as something of a creative outlet for Dan’s recovery from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome.

Broadway Project was formed in 2000 in Bristol, UK. The music was a reaction to the perceived blandness and lack of sincerity in most sampled music at that time. It became much more and snowballed into an effort to capture something epic and emotionally nourishing into the cut and paste hip-hop sampling ethos. But it’s not Hip-Hop, it’s not Electronica, not Rock, not Dance, not Jazz, not Classical. It sits somewhere between.

Broadway Project’s first album was “Compassion” about which the late-lamented Jockey Slut magazine said: “Imagine Tom Waits duetting with Portishead and being produced by Boards of Canada… desolation, anger and redemption hasn’t sounded this alluring in a long time’

Broadway Project – Who’s To Blame
Broadway Project – Femme Fatale
Broadway Project – Dark Days

Broadway project website

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~ by acidted on August 20, 2008.

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