Some quality remixes from Simon Green’s Bonobo project.


After the release of “Dial “M” For Monkey”, there was a Sold Steel mix album for Ninja Tunes, followed by the next album proper “Days To Come” in 2006. But that’s too recent for this blog. So, we’ll focus on Bonobo’s remixes. Simon Green hasn’t been a prolific remixer but a number were collected on his “One Off Remixes and B Sides” album in 2002. The best of them is a remix for Pilote, where Simon took a rather dull chillout track and turned it into a thing of quirky beauty – with the best use of whistling since Roger Whitaker (the whistle is from a Lassie film, I think).


Pilote – Turtle (Bonobo Mix) Highly recommended
Jon Kennedy – Tell Me How You Feel (Bonobo Mix)
Bushy – Never (Bonobo Remix)
Bonobo website
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~ by acidted on August 26, 2008.

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  1. […] #30 is Pilote and the remix of Turtle by Bonobo. This is one of those tunes that has whistling (from a Lassie film as I recall). It also has the […]

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