Some new music from Ian Tilbury. A synthy, dubby track, perhaps like a more right wing (or is it an anarchist coming round from the far left?) Gary Clail but without that real bass kick.


According to the blurb:


“Ian Tilbury has been working in the music industry for decades, promoting shows, managing bands, and appearing on BBC music shows. Now, he has released his first album, Politics. Combining his inspiration of vintage R&B and a love of analog synths, Ian has created a dynamic, dark, and politically-charged record. Each track on Politics is matched with a specific date and time in world history, leaving the listener with a frame of mind for each track, such as the blissful optimism of “Erosion (The Summer of Love) USA 1967” with repeating phrases of “Turn on, tune in, drop out,” or the Britpop-inspired jangle of “Hmm… It’s All Right? (Do the Math) UK 1979-1990.””


The featured track – Freedom – uses a US politician’s voice (Nixon?) to bemoan the role of government. Despite the heavy-handed politics, the track has a lovely, lolloping synth line but is perhaps let down by a real dub bass kick. If you liked Gary Clail or Orbital’s vaguely political moments, try this:


Ian Tilbury – Freedom


Ian Tilbury MySpace has more tracks to listen to.

~ by acidted on August 26, 2008.

One Response to “NEW MUSIC: IAN TILBURY”

  1. hi Ian ,,are you the Ian Tilbury who used to manage Roy Harper ?…

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