Some ambient and IDM techno from Bedouin Ascent, all the way back in 1994.


Bedouin Ascent aka Kingsuk Biswas remains one of the more enigmatic UK electronic music producers. Perhaps not known by many, but highly respected by those who have collected his work, from his debut 1992 release on Rising High up to the most recent on his own No Immortal label.


His work at the outer reaches of IDM suffers from occasional harshness common to many in this field. Indeed, when playing a tune in preparation for this post – a track has lots of high pitched feedback rings, shifting melodies and rhythms – the wife told me to stop playing it immediately. But when he gets it right, his attention to melody and repetition is reminiscent in places of Steve Reich’s minimal compositions. Indeed the two Joyrider tracks featured below are short but stunning pieces of mid-90s ambient.


By 2001 he had amassed a large catalogue of published material, and an even larger one of unreleased stuff. His label, ‘no immortal’ has been used to release some of this material. But he’s not exactly prolific.


Bedouin Ascent – Joyrider III
Bedouin Ascent – Joyrider IV
Bedouin Ascent – Internal Bleeding


Bedouin Ascent website


~ by acidted on August 27, 2008.

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