Solo tracks from Ashley Beedle, most well known as one third of X-Press 2, remixed by Deep Dish and Kris Needs.


Ashley Beedle became one of the U.K.’s most celebrated house producers in the 1990s as Black Science Orchestra. In addition, Beedle also produced tracks as the Black Jazz Chronicles, the Rising Sunz, the Ballistic Brothers, and X-Press 2; furthermore, he DJed under his own name, releasing the Grass Roots mix in 1999.


Born in Hemel Hempstead, England, in 1962, Beedle began DJing during the acid house explosion of the late ’80s, but was turned on to disco as well when he heard Norman Jay DJing obscure tracks on the pirate station KISS FM. After he joined long-time friend Rob Mello and John Howard as Black Science Orchestra, the trio reworked the Trammps’ “Where Were You (When the Lights Went Out)?” into their debut single “Where Were You,” released on Junior Boy’s Own.


Though Beedle teamed up with Dave Hill and Rocky & Diesel to form the Ballistic Brothers and release one of 1994’s hottest LPs, London Hooligan Soul, he was back with Black Science Orchestra that same year, now just Beedle and Woolford. Though troubles with sample clearance delayed their album almost two years (the duo eventually drafted session musicians and vocalists instead), Beedle kept busy with the formation of the disco-rave project X-Press 2, this time including him and Rocky & Diesel. The trio released singles for Radikal-Q and Junior Boy’s Own, but hit the jackpot with a track called “The Sound.” They have a retrospective out now.
From 1995’s “Revolutions in Dub” EP (vinyl rips):


Ashley Beedle – Revolutions in Dub (Deep Dish Jumpin’ At The Bar Parts 1 & 2)
Ashley Beedle – Phisical Insanity (Kris Needs Returns To The 12th St Mix)
Ashley Beedle website

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