More techno from C J Bolland, plus a realy odd remix.


The early 1990s found Bollabnd recording on Ghent’s legendary R & S label. But by late 1994, CJ had already left R&S to sign an exclusive 5-album deal with Internal/Polygram. The first of these LPs was ’96’s ‘The Analogue Theatre’ but it was a single from the same year that catapulted CJ into the stratosphere. That record was ‘Sugar Is Sweeter’ which reached number one in the US and number 11 in the UK. But CJ sees this as having a negative effect on his career: “Things got really confusing when I left R&S records, especially when I had a number one in the USA with ‘Sugar Is Sweeter’. It affected my career drastically and mostly in a negative way. The crossover potential had been made apparent and it became harder and harder for me to make the music I wanted because of record company pressure. I could have easily cashed in and made a few follow-ups but it went against all my feelings to do so. The result was that my following two albums never got released due to the lack of a crossover track. I spent nearly four years producing what I consider to be some of my best shit to date and it never got fucking released. It almost destroyed me, but I wasn’t gonna let that happen!”
It is, however, during this time that CJ performed some of his most high profile remixes including reworks for Depeche Mode, Moby, acid house pioneers Phuture, Orbital, Sven Vath, The Prodigy’s ‘No Good’, and Tori Amos amongst others. These are all very well but why on earth did he remix UB40?


Differences with his record company is what led CJ to set up his own label, Mole: “I felt it was time I took a more hands on approach to what happens with my music. I got sick of hoping stuff would get released. Now I truly can be free in my music and can decide when and what goes out there,” he says adding “the only thing I can be certain of is that it brings freedom and that freedom allows me to be creative again. It’s that same frame of mind that the first five years at R&S allowed me to have when there were no trends or trains to spot because we were still inventing them. Now I can start inventing all over again and don’t have to answer to anybody.”


C J Bolland – Camargue
C J Bolland – Camargue (Beyond The Mind’s Eye Mix)
UB40 – Until My Dying Day (C J Bolland Mix)



~ by acidted on September 5, 2008.

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