Tracks from a couple of singles from the charity shop rummage – the astonishingly prolific and versatile Matthew Herbert and a Balearic mix by Tom Middleton.


Matthew Herbert is a classically trained pianist but the range of his work is extraordinary. It is hard to spot a track of his because of the diversity of his styles. He covers anything from IDM, house, tehno and RnB. His “Scale” album came out in 2006. Featured is a remix of a track from that album that is in the soul and Rn B vein. The remix is by Michael Fakesch.


Hailing from the South West of England, Tom Middleton is a classically trained Cellist and Pianist. He grew up on a diet of 80’s Electro, Synth Pop, Hip Hop, Goth, Rock, Jazzfunk, Early Acid House and Detroit. After a period working with Richard D James in Aphex Twin, he really made his name with Mark Pritchard in Reload and a host of others, but crucially Global Communication under which name they produced the stunning “76:14”. When the duo split, Tom went solo, producing a number of Balearic-influenced remixes under the Cosmos name.


Delays – Lost In A Melody (Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix)
Herbert – Something Isn’t Right (Asshot Remix By Cassh)


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~ by acidted on September 6, 2008.

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