Carl Cox is a legendary UK artist and DJ. He was there 20 years ago at the start of the UK house explosion and is still there today. His DJing and music reflects his personality, always seeming positive and happy – never dark. Moody DJ he ain’t.


Cox attended Glastonbury High Boys secondary modern school on Glastonbury Road in Morden. Cox began his career as a hardcore and acid house DJ in the mid-1980s and made a name for himself as the “Three Deck Wizard” in 1988. During that year’s Second Summer of Love, he began to play on three turntables at once. He has played at clubs as The Eclipse, Edge, Shelly’s, Sterns Nightclub, Heaven, Angels and The Haçienda, as well as raves for Fantazia, Dreamscape and Amnesia House. He now spearheads two record labels, Intec Records and 23rd Century Records.


A DJ since 1977, Carl played the opening night of Danny Rampling’s legendary Shoom club and co-promoted The Project with Paul Oakenfold. He was one of the first superstar DJs from his relentless DJing schedule and reliability in moving a crowd.


As an artist he had been releasing 12″s since 1991 but was was far better known as a DJ in the early 1990s. He only released his first album “At The End Of The Cliché” in 1995. It included “Song for Rachel” dedicated to his girlfriend, then wife (now divorced, I think). Although I had been to see him DJ a few times before the album’s release and he was fantastic at 1995’s Glastonbury, the album was a disappointment. The lack of darkness meant that it’s upness made the album too one-paced.

Carl Cox – Song for Rachel

Carl Cox – Keep The Funk

Carl Cox – Phoebus Apollo

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Carl Cox MySpace
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