Consolidated were an industrial band, highly politicised who were influenced in the early 1990s by the sounds coming from Europe. They worked with Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) who moved to the US from the UK in that period and added his crunchy beats to their guitars.


Consolidated were Adam Sherburne, Mark Pistel and Philip Steir. Think RATM with better beats and less Jimi Hendrix fantasies. But they didn’t sell terribly well and ended up being better received in the UK and Europe.


Consolidated was formed in 1988 and was best known in the early 1990s as an alternative dance/industrial music band. They were distinguished by left-leaning political activism and politically radical lyrics, as well as their innovative sonic collages which blended industrial and hip-hop styles.


Between 1989 and 1994, their instrumental style evolved from industrial, to hip-hop, to hard rock and funk with mixtures of ‘live’ instruments and electronic instruments. Their music often focused upon the following topics: vegetarianism, women’s rights, male bashing, animal rights, fighting racism and homophobia, the unity of oppression, World War II and the Holocaust, the dangers of capitalism, and the evils of American Nationalism and whether there were fairies at the bottom of the garden (ok, I may have made that last bit up).


Although often criticized as having strident and confrontational lyrics, Consolidated tempered the intensity of their songs with many instances of self-deprecating humor. They admitted to their own struggles with addressing complex social issues within the constraining structures of “pop music,” an artistic form they referred to as “a neutralized medium,” but explained that they did so because they felt that it might be their only chance to reach a mass audience with progressive messages of social justice. 

The “This is Fascism” single came with a sticker proclaiming its anti-fascist nature, lest it confused buyers. BNP members would have been sadly disappointed had they taken that single home. “You Suck” on the other hand was a response to the mysogenistic lyrics in rap and is a very funny track paying hommage to orally pleasuring a woman.
Consolidated – You Suck (Jack Dangers Remix) feat. The Yeastie Girls
Consolidated – The Is Fascism (Bass Mix)
Consolidated – This Is Fascism (Difference Mix) by Drum Club

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