As regular readers will know, I don’t post much new music, preferring to dwell in dance’s past. But occasionally there’s something from now that’s worth posting. Cousin Cole and Pocketknife’s partnership is one. And I posted about them before.
Cousin Cole is from New York and with Fragrant Fowl partner Pocketknife have produced some wonderful remixes (look out for their Tambourine Dream album – buy it you won’t regret it). They have now just completed a mix for Allez Allez. Go to Allez Allez for details about the boys.


As for the mix, it comes in two parts, first from Cousin Cole and second from Pocketknife. The second part is particularly excisitng as it’s the first time to hear some of the forthcoming “Canyon Dancing” EP on Flagrant Fowl (out at the end of the month).



As for the tracklist, Cousin Cole says:


My section has a bunch of weird stuff I like, and Pocketknife’s has the same, but also with some new ‘sclusives.


Cousin Cole’s set
– Apocalyptica – Sad But TrueApocalyptica did a record of string covers of Metallica songs that was also the soundtrack for Your Friends & Neighbors — which was a particularly awkward first date movie for me a couple years ago.
– Frank Hebly – De TuinslangboogieA fantastically weird record from a couple years ago that I know absolutely nothing about.
– Rolling Stones – Can’t always get what you want (Soulwax Remix)
– Graveleaf – The CrusadeGraveleaf is Mike B & Omar Doom’s joint project and “The Crusade” is a hell of a debut!
– George Kranz – Bass Drum Ma Bass DrumI hadn’t heard “Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock!” yet when I started working on this mix, but Baldelli was definitely an inspiration, especially in this section.
– Axel Bauer – Cargo
– Vastkustska Ryggdunkarsallskapet – Town Out of Order An edit of “Stockholm” by Pugh Rogefeldt.
– Sly Mongoose – Bad Pulse
– Dude n Nem – Feet on Fire Just the chorus but I had to throw some rap in. Love this song.
– Gang – KKK (dub) I only used the drums but this is a really great song.
– Divine Edits – Sermon (Seratonin Edit) No idea what the story is on this one, but it somehow makes cut up vocals seem totally 80s.
– Matthew Dear – Sound and Vision This version blew me away when I first heard it and I knew I had to figure out how to fit it in here.
– Arbeid Adelt – Death Disco (Todd Terje edit) Back to the dancefloor (somewhat). I’m a huge fan of Terje, and I was super psyched when he used my Bruce Springsteen remix in his mix for Resident Advisor.
– Slab! – Mars on Ice
– Photonz – Trembler (Discodeine remix)Discodeine is Pilooski and Benjamin Morando. This track is just beautiful.


Pocketknife’s Portion
– Glissandro 70 “End West”I like how open this song is at the beginning with the loose animal sounds and polyrhythmic percussion. I love when that hard drum drops in over the tapestry and the afrobeat horns come in just after. I can’t help but think that the title is a play on West End Records given that the album artwork is an interpretation of the famed label’s cityscape logo. My loose joints are getting looser!
– Yeasayer “Sunrise (Pocketknife’s Rise and Shine Remix)” White LabelPromo alert! All of the Pocketknife remixes that appear in my section of the mix will be on an upcoming EP entitled “Canyon Dancing.” This remix keeps the structure of the original, but just adds the right elements to get the beardos & hippie-sters prancing around. I’m a big fan of what this band is doing.
– Soft Circle “Earthed (Pocketknife’s Terra Cotta Remix)” White LabelHisham Baroocha is that dude. When I heard the bassline of this track it immediately reminded of old Chicago house. I decided to really push those tendencies, but keep the tribal nature of the original. My favourite part is the drum workout in the middle.
– Gang Gang Dance “House Jam (xxxchange Remix)”Gang Gang Dance has got a great set of diverse influences and they add up nicely. It’s my kind of “world music.” When I saw that xxxchange had remixed them I about fell out of my chair. I love his work with Spank Rock and as usual he turns in another great remix.
– Twilight Circus Dub Sound System “Kik”It took me awhile to figure out how to get a Twilight track into a mix, but at last here it is. I like the dub update that Twilight has produced and you can still hear some of the industrial music influences the dude was involved with before. Gang Gang has riddim influences, so it seemed great to create that little connection between the two. The transition into this song is my favourite one of the mix.
– Liars “A Visit From Drum (Pocketknife’s großer Kessel Remix)” White LabelThese dudes I would sacrifice a lamb or Williamsburg virgin for. They’ve managed to keep their sound evolving and Drums Not Dead is one of my favourite concept albums. I’ve wanted to remix a Liars song for a while now and this one had a nice pagan symmetry (with incredibly mic’ed drums!) that allowed for a great reworking.
– Jandek “Your Other Man (Secret Frequency Crew Remix)”My man Adrian aka Michna, hooked me up with his crew’s Jandek remix. Adrian normally drops classic electro heat, but here he takes the original and adds the right elements to give the song an additional haunting character. The 7” actually comes with a facsimile of the correspondence they had with Jandek who gave the official thumbs up for the remix.
– Gameplayers “Henri Texier” White LabelI stumbled upon these Belgian dudes while looking for other peeps who had remixed Beirut. Their remix of the Henri Texier song, “Le Piroguier,” is minimal, but so effective. The metronomic percussion/claps adds to the overall hypnotic quality of the original and I dig the added sound effects as well.
– Patti Smith “Ghost Dance (Pocketknife’s Arms Out Remix)” White LabelThere are a handful of Patti Smith songs that I think are incredible. I don’t listen to her music on a regular basis, but she’s a pioneer and I respect that. I dug through her catalogue in hopes of finding something with remix potential and this song’s ceremonial chants jumped at me. I’d like to think that the Bowery has a lot of ghosts dancing past CBGBs late at night.
– Bat For Lashes “Trophy”Natasha Khan is the girl you wanted to roll with in art school. Her entire concept for the band is great (videos, visual identity, and most importantly the music). When I heard her album, it sounded like something that I would have liked to produce. I love handclaps, marching rhythms, harpsichords and tambourines – it’s all there in her world. This werewolf would love to steal her gold coins!


Cousin Cole MySpace

~ by acidted on October 4, 2008.


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